Travel Mahjong City

“Mahjong Travel City” has preserved traditional Hong Kong hand-carved mahjong tile skill while presenting a new generation of talents as a unique Hong Kong gift.

Story Behind the Scene:
Mahjong, a social game also known as “Breaking the Walls”, has a long history in Chinese culture bringing much happiness to family gathering. We aim to combine authentic Hong Kong Mahjong hand-carved tiles and creative illustration with advanced digital printing technology to feature the fascinating local culture and enchanting landscapes of the city. Together with local illustrator Karen, who witnessed the development of the hand-carved Mahjong tile industry through her family’s business since 1950s, a new brand of Mahjong tiles called ‘Travel Mahjong City’ is born in Hong Kong.

There are 5 individual tile packs (North, East, South, West, Central) plus a premium gift set. We combine the authentic and most traditional Hong Kong hand-carved Mahjong tile technique with today’s advanced inkjet printing technology, as well as featuring the fascinating culture and enchanting attractions of the city depicted by the Hong Kong illustrator, Karen, who witnessed the development of the industry, by integrating both creative elements and craftsmanship together : the blending of cultures from different generations.

Travel Mahjong City is our newly launched Hong Kong signature gifts!

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