Preserving the Art of Mahjong Craft – an interview with Madam Neoh at Penang’s Liang Yew Mahjong Centre

A Heartwarming Encounter with Madam Neoh at Penang’s Liang Yew Centre: In last Dec 2023, we set off on a special adventure to Penang, Malaysia, because we have the deep love for traditional arts and crafts. Our little mission is all about keeping these treasures alive and well, which is exactly why we found ourselves at […]

Hong Kong Story: Antique Mahjong Tile Polishing Machines 香港故事:麻雀牌打磨機的溫馨回憶

The making of mahjong tiles not only reflects the exquisite craftsmanship of artisans but also serves as a vessel for our intangible cultural heritage. The mahjong manufacturing  process listed in Hong Kong’s ‘intangible cultural heritage’ involves more than the well-known “hand carving,” including machine grinding and polishing. Once, my family’s uncle skillfully crafted these delicate tiles […]

Care and Love – Art for Charity

As the year draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the journey that has unfolded. Every year end, I’m committed to engage myself in charity goals along with my passion for art and would like to support a charity beneficiary group. This marks the 9th year of my commitment and the powerful ways it can touch lives and help people in needs. I’m filled with gratitude for the incredible support that each of you has offered to Karen Aruba Art. It keeps us going! 

The Reborn Mahjong Artisan – Disappearing Old Hong Kong Story 專訪前香港麻雀廠第二代傳人 (Eng & Chi Version)


想知道張師傅如何從一個「廠佬」搖身一變成為手雕麻雀工匠,與囡囡 Karen 一起齊心推動香港文化工藝,請細心閱讀以下訪問,與大家照顧這幾年努力的成果。

The Mahjong Family Makers – Disappearing Old Hong Kong Story 3周年呈獻 – 專訪前香港麻雀廠始創人

十月份正值「麻雀獻藝」工作室 (Karen Aruba Studio) 三週年紀念的日子,我們將有一連串的慶祝活動和分享!其中一項特別內容是邀請到前「復興隆麻雀廠」創辦人張富華先生的太太,年屆九十歲高齡、鮮有接受訪問的梁玉卿女士進行訪談。儘管梁女士已達鮐背之年,但她的頭腦依然敏捷 ,對答非常流暢!

我們相信她訪談中提及的香港麻雀製造業的歷史,是極其珍貴。梁女士生動地分享了她與丈夫相知相遇以及「復興隆麻雀廠」初創時期的故事,以及後來兩位兒子張誠忠先生(現為手雕麻雀工匠)及張振忠先生(當年主管磨麻雀生產部) 接手管理廠房的回憶。這次訪問令我們更深入了解了六十至八十年代香港曾興盛一時的手雕麻雀廠及香港麻雀製造業前期的經營情況。