Wanderlust in Chinese Communities – Kowloon City x Aruba

Life in old Kowloon City of Hong Kong and the beautiful Caribbean island of Aruba could not be more different. But for the Chinese communities living here or working abroad, there are common values people taken with them which allows them to adapt and thrive. Spending part of her childhood in these totally different places and travelling between the two, local illustrator Karen Aruba gives a unique perspective on the lives, shared values, perseverance and hard-working attitudes among Chinese communities –- an inspiration for her exhibition: Wanderlust in Chinese Communities – Kowloon City x Aruba.

本地插畫師Karen Aruba,童年成長於九龍城,曾於阿魯巴地方生活。密集擠迫的「九龍城」與色彩璀璨的加勒比海小島「阿魯巴」,兩個截然不同各有個性的地方,卻蘊藏共同的價值觀和精神,誘發插畫師以其獨特角度將兩者串連,以插畫方式呈現華人謙遜、堅毅和勤奮的生活態度,並成為是次展覽的靈感來源:穿越地域的顔色 – 從九龍城漫遊到阿魯巴。

The story is an amazing journey from the historical life in Kowloon City, with a highlight on the disappearing skills of traditional mahjong craftmanship, as the illustrator’s family was an integral part of this old Hong Kong manufacturing industry from 1960s – 2000s. Through contrasting colors and beautiful scenery in the happy island, Aruba and interviews with Chinese people in the island, it captures distinctive local stories, while AR technology is also utilized to showcase traditional Hong Kong mahjong craftsmanship and the crafting tools used.



日期Date: 23.03.2019 – 01.05.2019
時間Opening Hours: 11:00am-7:30pm
地點Venue: 中環元創方PMQ – S314 (Block A)
詳情Details: https://bit.ly/2TqUpHL