Love and Care Charity Campaign

Hi all, this is the 5th charity campaign and five consecutive year I’ve committed myself to charity along with my drawing passion!

Every year, apart from my sponsoring of children living in underprivileged countries, I would choose one more beneficiary organization and make a donation. In last five years, I feel very blessed through my friends and network, we have donated money to support the work of World Vision, Oxfam, Orbis, Caritas…… and this year, it is ‘Hong Kong Red Cross’!

By taking this initiative, I wish to have more supporters like you to help people in need. All funds raised from this year’s campaign will be without deduction of cost and used for supporting the humanitarian works of the Hong Kong Red Cross including disaster relief and preparedness, first aid and health training, youth and volunteer program, tracing service and rehabilitation service, as well as community care service, subject to the fund allocation by HKRC.

With the support of AIESEC Alumni Association of Hong Kong (AAAHK), the first Charity Sale was successfully held at AAAHK Christmas Dinner on 13th December. The online charity campaign will continue and last until 12th Jan 2020.

HKRC chi website:

HKRC eng website:

We can do more with faith and hope for the world. Let’s join hands together!

Wishing you a new year with the blessings of love, joy and warmth. Thanks for your support in advance!


Karen Aruba Art

Suggested donation of HKD150 or up
Suggested donation of HKD200 or up

[How can I contribute]

  1. Choose any gift from above by donating $150 / $200 or above. Exact amount is up to you.
  2. Let me know your chosen item (number) by sending message to Facebook @KarenArubaArt / email: (due to limited manpower, thank you for your patience)
  3. Let us know asap as many items are available in 1-3 pieces only!
  4. The payment method / account details will be sent to you. All donations will be collected and passed to the HKRC within 14 days at the end of the campaign.
  5. All proceeds raised will be donated to the Hong Kong Red Cross without deduction of cost.
  6. The bank-in slip of the donations and acknowledge thank you letter by HKRC will be posted on the website / social media as a proof.

I sincerely wish that you can be part of us!

[How to pick up your product]

  1. To help us save delivery cost, it would be appreciated if you can collect the selected item during 2 Jan – 7 Feb in Mongkok (flexible time and date except CNY holidays). Book in advance.
  2. If you have difficulty to collect your product, let us know, and we will try our best to accommodate it.

If you do not plan to buy anything, donation of any amount is also appreciated. My heartfelt thanks for your generosity!

Karen Aruba