Travelling with Mahjong Art Exhibition organized by Youth Square

與「雀」同遊 – 麻雀雕刻藝術展



Mahjong is a common tabletop game that was ubiquitous in Hong Kong during the olden days. Have you ever curious about the art history behind this traditional game?

Leading by a little sparrow, the exhibition will bring visitors travel through times and spaces. By bringing visitors back to 1963, a little sparrow will help explore how this traditional art started from a hand-carving mahjong workshop in Kowloon City to a mahjong factory in Kowloon Bay. Visitors will not only understand how this traditional game links to the transformation of art and technology throughout different time periods, but also know how mahjong tiles evolved from hand-carvings to machine-assisted production.

Entering 2020, Chai Wan’s Youth Square will be the station to exhibit this traditional hand-carving art, demonstrating how to produce the timeless cultural artwork via a combination of modern illustration and traditional art by using a cutting-edge printing technology. We hope more youths recognise this traditional art after visiting this exhibition in order to help passing on.

Travelling with Mahjong — From Kowloon City in 1963 to Chai Wan in 2020

Date : 22 January to 2 February 2020

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