Hong Kong Sketch Natural Bamboo Postcards – Cultural Sights Series

Hong Kong has a lot of beautiful sceneries and cultural spots. This is new illustration of ‘Hong Kong Cultural Sights Series’ on natural material – bamboo.

All selected locations are popular sightseeing spots and tourist locations Hong Kong. The text descriptions at the back of each postcard have unique cultural heritage meaning that allow you to send warm blessing and messages to your beloved ones

Wong Tai Sin Temple – It is a well known temple and claims: ‘make every wish come true upon request’. It’s natural setting and beautifully ornamented buildings make it as much as scenic attraction as an important religious center.

The University of Hong Kong – It was founded in 1911. It is the oldest tertiary institution in Hong Kong. It has been commonly regarded as one of the most internationalized universities in the wolrd as well as one of the most prestigious universities in Asia.

Ngong Ping – A highland in the western part of Lantau Island. It host Po Lin Monastery and Tian Tian buddha the hills which is about 34m tall. There are several hills nearby which offers spectacular views of Hong Kong.

A new and natural bamboo paper – a material of eco-friendly and sustainability.

Natural Bamboo Postcards: www.etsy.com/shop/KarenArubaArt