The Art of Mahjong Craft 麻雀獻藝 (New Design)

Traditional mahjong craftsmanship has been passed down in Karen’s family from generation to generation in Hong Kong. Mixing craft and artistry, ‘The Art of Mahjong Craft’ is our latest creative design to preserve hand-carved mahjong art and craftsmanship in a modern way as unique Hong Kong gift.

With only few craftsmen left in Hong Kong, the joint-effort between a craftsman (father) and an illustrator (daughter) reignite the dying art of hand-carved mahjong craftsmanship by combining hand-carving and laser-engraving technology to send blessings on special occasions.

Illustrated by Karen, the special pattern of tiles include: Happy Birthday, MR & MRS, Happy Retirement, Baby Wishes, No. 1 Mummy. They will come up with ‘A wonderful day’ or ‘Congrats’ tile. Pick up one of your favourite pattern!

Also, this personalized gift makes fun of hand-carved ‘mahjong numbering’ made by Master Cheung. Think of any creative 4 digits of numberings such as a date, a year or any numbers which are meaningful to the receivers!

They are all custom-made and precious in limited stock only. This collaboration has added new values to traditional mahjong tiles by transforming an old game into modern art. It preserves Hong Kong culture by integrating with advanced technology.

Include your warm messages hand-written on a beautiful drawing card. In our box design, we illustrate a special old Hong Kong story i.e. ‘how to make hand-carved’ mahjong tiles. Design your message now and send a heartfelt gift to your beloved ones especially in difficult times. We all need care and love and wish to keep a special memory for long!

We are committed to producing high quality of mahjong design and artistic work to preserve Hong Kong valuable culture. Thank you for treasuring Hong Kong craftsmanship!

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