Personalized Mahjong Gift Perfect for Christmas Season

With all the unprecedented changes we’ve faced this year, we wish to make the Christmas break extra special for your loved ones. Now, it is a good time to deliver a meaningful gift and cheer up your family and friends at the end of this tough year. 

We kindly presents our latest Christmas Personalized Mahjong gift pack, including two new designs of beautiful mahjong tiles customized for the coming Christmas. The beautiful gift box has also preserved the valuable Mahjong Craftsmanship story in Hong Kong.

You can choose either 1. “Merry Xmas & “Cheers” / 2. “A joyful Xmas” & “Special thanks” designs with laser engraved mahjong design.

The four digits of ‘1225’ are hand carved by our mahjong craftsman, Ricky Cheung while the beautiful card, illustrated by Karen, will allow you to write an intimate message and blessing. The tiles are in brand new metallic colors hand-painted by us! Through the joint-effort of father and daughter, we wish to bring you something special and warm blessings this year.

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Wanna make the Xmas gift yourself? Join our coloring workshop ‘Christmas Theme’ on Dec 12! Click here

Karen Aruba Art engages with charity organisation and donation every year at year end with the contribution of her work. This is the 6th charity campaign in consecutive years she’s committed herself to charity along with her drawing passion.

This year, Karen will commit herself and make personal donations to ‘Greenpeace International’. In addition, 10% amount of your purchased Xmas gift set will also be donated to Greenpeace in order to support their work to protect our precious planet while we combat with COVID-19 and global climate change in this tough year.