Care and Love – Art for Charity

In this extraordinary year, those with important needs are very much in our thoughts.

I feel blessed and happy that my sponsored child who is already in secondary school grade eight in Cambodia is growing up well this year under the support of World Vision.

In the six years, I’ve continued to engage myself in charity goal and champaign along with my passion for art.

As the world weathers a global pandemic, we feel that we should take a deeper role to support the community both on a social and economic level.

As the year ends, I’ve decided to make a donation to the non-profit Feeding Hong Kong with the amount which can support 600 meals by providing essential food to families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Additionally, 10% value of any sold art related gifts in December will also be donated to Greenpeace International. The pandemic has caused serious impacts on many people, but it also gives us hope – hope that a better world is possible with blue skies, clean air, healthy food, less flying, less driving…… Together, we can step into a new world; build back better, and love it even more.

Lastly, it is also a very good idea to make use of Asia Miles in times of Coronavirus to donate and support UNICEF COVID-19 Relief. There are many charity organisations at your own choice.   

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who supported our art and craft work in the year along, and join us to help the community through challenging times.

If you are interested to support any of these groups, feel free to visit their websites:

Feedling Hong Kong: / (infographics)

Greenpeace International:

Asia Miles:

Small acts can make a big difference.

Sending love to everyone of you this Christmas….and the Earth – stay safe and healthy!

My sincerest thanks,

Karen Aruba