Share the Caring – Thank You Frontliners

In these two months, Hong Kong is struggling to contain a severe outbreak of coronavirus infections. We feel deeply sad of the people who suffer and how this city ‘overwhelmed’ by Omicron wave…….

We would like to share our heartfelt message expressing gratitude to all healthcare workers who have worked relentlessly during this pandemic. Thank you for all the time and sacrifice they’ve put into. Endless hours of working to keep us safe and healthy.

While I started drawing this early of the month, more and more friends and relatives are infected, which also caused a delay of the work. This illustration is our simple note of gratitude to the frontliners across the city. We wish to let them know that their efforts and sacrifices are meaningful and appreciated. It means a lot to us.

“While medical workers stand firm on the front line, it’s most important to show that Hongkongers are in solidarity and supporting each other to resist the pandemic. We want to let them know that they’re not alone.” The illustration will be shared by BNET, a healthtech company, among the healthcare communities in Hong Kong.

Let’s join hands to share the care. Thank you Frontliners!

By Karen Aruba