“Beyond Borders of Mahjong” Exhibition

Exhibition Period: 23.07 – 13.08.2022

Time: Tuesday to Saturday, 12 – 7pm (closed on Sun & Mon)

Experience a never-seen-before insight into the visual beauty of mahjong tiles with this ‘The Art of Mahjong Craft x Photography Exhibition’, which takes an intimate look at what is involved in the traditional art of hand-carving mahjong tiles through photography, imaginative illustrations and painting to reveal the hidden story of such intangible cultural heritage.

The ‘Beyond Borders of Mahjong’ exhibition is a collaboration between three Hong Kong artists: photographer AndyPoll, mahjong hand-carving master Ricky Cheung Sing Chung and artist Karen Aruba.

It presents a close-up angle of photos on hand-carved Mahjong tiles, the posture of the master carver, the traditional making tool used to show the entire process as visual art. The macro photography reveals the hidden world that’s just beyond the limits of our naked eyes on hand-carved mahjong tiles, and the illustration explains the hand-carved mahjong making processes in an interesting way. While each tile was carved, and painted, a great deal of thought was put into designs, calligraphy, and the working effort of craftsman, but today much of the subtle symbolism goes unnoticed. Observe the work of mahjong by master craftsman to appreciate the skill required to perfect the strokes, calligraphy with creative design integrated with laser-engraving to breath a new life with Hong Kong cultural elements in the full set of ‘Mahjong Wanderlust’.

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HKI Gallery

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178-186 Johnston Road, Wanchai

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