Mahjong Wanderlust – Hong Kong Theme

After two years of work, we are so excited to present our totally new ‘The Art of Mahjong Craft’ collections with three designs of Canton Mahjong: Hong Kong / Canada / Greenland. These designs took two years to work with from design, illustration, hand-carving, engraving to the final processes of hand-painting. It’s

Experience a totally new insight into Hong Kong mahjong with an intimate look with a sparrow discovering Hong Kong cultural journey. In Cantonese, mahjong has the same pronunciation as ‘sparrow’, while Hong Kong landscapes and local features are illustrated in the hand-painting patterns. The artist’s family links to Hong Kong’s mahjong hand-carving scene going back three generations, and this is the latest effort between Master Cheung and artist Karen Aruba to create this masterpiece.

Mahjong Wanderlust reinterprets the uncommon traditional mahjong design from ancient mahjong tiles and bridges the gap between traditional mahjong and contemporary art in an effort to preserve the intangible cultural heritage with those traditional mahjong patterns from becoming a lost art: the joy of mahjong from all-new artistic angle. From design, illustration, hand-carving, engraving and hand-painting, the whole process takes almost one year to complete.

The series of ‘Mahjong Wanderlust’ preserves the dying art of hand-carving tiles integrated with imaginative illustrations & creativity – one of a kind Hong Kong Mahjong Craftsmanship.

Visit the new art collections page: Karen Aruba Art Collections