Care and Love – Art for Charity

Care and Love – Art for Charity

8 Years of Commitment

2022 Beneficiary Organizations: Gingko House (銀杏館) & HKImpact

2022 is a difficult year to some of us. There’ re elderly who suffered from health issues while finding difficulties to earn a living. During the covid situation with a lot of restrictions imposed, some people continue to face the pressure of homelessness in Hong Kong.

Every year end, I m committed to engage myself in charity goal along with my passion for art. With the support of many of you throughout the year, I feel very blessed to be given the chance to continue my 8th year of commitment. Because it’s not easy, therefore we support each other. This year, two local organisations in Hong Kong ImpactHK & Gingko House (銀杏館) are chosen for the donation hoping to benefit more underprivileged groups.

The donation has helped vulnerable persons with 18 packs of meals plus X’mas LOVE Bag from Gingko House, and an additional amount HKD1400 to support HKImact with their mission of helping homeless people to settle in a safe home or support their physical/mental well being. Hope they can benefit from it especially in the COVID-19 last few years.

Small acts can make a big difference.

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to all the people who continue to walk with us in the art journey and give us the opportunities.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Season and well blessed with your beloved ones! 祝大家有一個溫暖的聖誕! 開心快樂!

My sincerest thanks,


Karen Aruba Art