Crafts on Peels Exhibition – Hearts & Hands

We are very honoured to be invited by ‘Crafts on Peel’ to feature our ‘Mahjong Wanderlust – Hong Kong Theme’ during the HK Art Month exhibition, “Hearts and Hands, Crafts of Hong Kong”, showcasing a series of collaborative works created by 18 traditional craftsmen and contemporary artisans from Hong Kong.

Mahjong wanderlust is a collaborative work between Master Craftsman Ricky Cheung, illustrator Karen Aruba and photographer AndyPoll depicting Hong Kong culture. It experiences a totally new insight into mahjong Hong Kong theme with this intimate look at the dying art of hand-carving tiles with traditional mahjong patterns by Master Cheung integrated with imaginative illustrations done by Karen Aruba combined with laser-engraving.


The exhibition is a celebration of the skills and creativity of Hong Kong’s artisans and a reminder of the importance of craftsmanship in preserving our city’s culture and heritage.

Manjong Wanderlust is a series of mahjong design and illustration featuring traditional hand-carved mahjong craftsmanship including Greenland and Canadian Themes. For more information or purchase, please visit:

Karen Aruba Art Collections

Our heart-felt thanks to the foundation of Crafts on Peels which supports the mahjong craftsmanship in Hong Kong together.

非常榮幸獲《飄雅活藝》邀請,與十八位來自香港的傳統工藝師及當代工藝師攜手參與展覽《手製心造》,並展出由張誠忠手雕麻雀工匠、藝術插畫家Karen Aruba 及自由攝影創作人AndyPoll Chan 在2021-2022年疫情其間共同創作的展品 – 「巧雀奇遇」。二樓展覽特設麻雀工藝文化主題。



Hearts and Hands, Crafts of Hong Kong | 手製心造

11 Peel Street, Central | 中環卑利街11號

Starting from 18 Feb 2023 – 25 March 2023 |2023年2月18日至3月25日開放

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm |開放時間:逢星期二至星期六,上午11時至下午6時