Mahjong Wanderlust in London Craft Week

We are very honoured to be invited by ‘Crafts on Peel’ to design and feature our ‘Mahjong Wanderlust –British Theme’ in the London Craft Week, showcasing a series of collaborative works created by contemporary artisans from Hong Kong.

Mahjong Wanderlust – British Theme is a collaborative work between Master Craftsman Ricky Cheung, illustrator Karen Aruba and photographer AndyPoll depicting British culture. This collaborative work continues the style of two generations, preserving the traditional hand-carved Mahjong craft by Ricky Cheung, and integrating with Karen Aruba’s illustrations with laser engraving and hand-painting. The entire set of 144 Mahjong tiles is presented in a mixed media format, with traditional Mahjong patterns hand-carved by craftsmen and Western British culture and landscape of illustrations added.

In this interesting British mahjong set, it combines elements from different disciplines: carving, illustration and photography to enhance the aesthetics of traditional mahjong craft.

The British mailbox is painted on the handcarved ‘Wan’ tiles, while the England cricket is depicted on the bamboo tiles. The Big Ben and the London Tower appear on the chinese carved character ‘East’ and ‘Winter’ tiles while the carving of the three dragons are matched with illustrations of band instrument, crown, and British football field, making for an interesting combination of Chinese and Western elements.

Our heart-felt thanks to the organizer Crafts and Peels, who give artisans to breathe new life into traditional crafts, reviving and prolonging the beauty and precious values in times. Contact them by email: if you are interested.

To view Hong Kong, Greenland and Canada theme, visit Karen Aruba Art Collections

London Craft Week – Hearts & Hands: Crafts of Hong Kong | 手製心造

Venue: Royal Society of Sculptors, London | 倫敦的皇家雕塑家協會

Date: 8-21 May 2023

Mahjong Wanderlust – British Theme | 巧雀奇遇(英倫版)

延續過去兩代的風格,最新作品巧雀奇遇(英倫版) 保留了張誠忠工匠傳統手雕麻雀工藝的字體,並注入Karen Aruba的繪晝元素,全人手上色,既展現出英倫充滿活力的一面,同時亦彰顯了傳統工藝技術傳承的重要性。


巧雀奇遇(英倫版)參與創作者包括張誠忠、張凱欣 (Karen Aruba)及AndyPoll,作品在 London Craft Week 期間展出。