NOVOLAND Project | Mahjong Ventures: A Symphony of Lives

Mahjong Ventures: A Symphony of Lives is a creative art project in collaboration with Novoland – an art piece with a fusion of traditional Hong Kong culture and the rich aspect of life and culture of Northern Europe, all unified by the central theme of ‘Mahjong’. This is an interconnectedness of people’s lifestyles and experiences in two very different parts of our planet as they journey through the world of mahjong and adventure. We create a vivid portrayal of unique aspects in Northern Europe through illustration, capturing the essence of people enjoying life as they pass iconic landmarks, European-style architecture and engage in various family and sports activities.

Additional highlight includes the hand-carved mahjong tiles, produced by Master Craftsman Ricky Cheung. Each tile represents signature elements and iconic items of life in the five countries, while Karen Aruba also draws inspiration from everyday life to present a colourful tapestry of a healthy, love, happy and harmonious backdrop for the tiles.

Iceland’s ice mountain landscape, dormant volcanoes and waterfalls are featured, while Norway’s connection with the sea is represented by the iconic salmon fish. Denmark’s beloved pastries serve as the favorite food of people. Swedish sports reflect the country’s passion for outdoor activities. Finally, Finland’s traditional musical instruments are brought to life.

The collaboration between Karen Aruba and Ricky Cheung, two generations of a mahjong making family in old Hong Kong, they have featured their work in both creative and authentic ways, and in a way, captured Hong Kong artistry and culture by bringing a new life to the city.

 ã€Šéº»é›€æ­·éšªè¨˜ã€‹æ˜¯ä¸€å¹…將香港文化與北歐生活融合的獨特藝術作品。Karen Aruba巧妙地以麻雀為主題,詮釋充滿冒險和探索的視角。Karen Aruba通過插畫故事,妙雀生輝,栩栩如生地把北歐的獨特氣息活現,作品講述了小麻雀的奇妙之旅,捕捉人們在不同地標、歐式建築、享受家庭樂及運動中帶來的閒情逸致。