About Karen Aruba

Karen Aruba is an illustrator in Hong Kong specialising in ink pen sketching of travel and cultural themes. Karen is a self-taught artist with a passion for creative illustration. Her learning process is mainly through observation and a lot of practice, with a good dose of enthusiasm thrown in.

Her art brand ‘Karen Aruba Art’ was built in 2015, by taking inspiration from the year Karen spent as a child in Aruba with her mother’s family, a tiny Dutch Caribbean island, hoping to bring happiness and energy to people through her art.

Her popular family story, ‘A Mahjong Story’, is an intimate tale intricately linked with Hong Kong art & culture, showcasing how this city’s traditional mahjong craftsmanship integrated with artistry. Her popular “A Mahjong Story” illustrations have bridged the gap between traditional cultures and modern lifestyles and passes the skills and know-how from the old generation to the new. Invited by HKTDC, her story was featured in DesignInspire 2017. In 2018, the collaboration between Karen and her father, and a creative design team of KangHang for ‘Travel Mahjong City’ garnered a number of awards including Hong Kong Smart Design Awards (Judge Award), The 30th Edition of Hong Kong Prints Awards (Merit), The 16th HK Digital Printing Award (Merit) and K11 D Project Finalist. Invited by PMQ, her first sole art exhibition was debuted in May 2019.

Throughout the years, Karen has made new achievements in the collaborative work with different parties: association, exhibition organisers and charity group to share the same vision. Creativity, originality, value-adding – the faith of Karen Aruba Art’s work to spread this around the world.

‘Art is a process of creation. We create happiness with heART’ – Karen Aruba Art