Art Journal South East Asia Cruise Trip

There’s a lot of fun working on the Art Journal at Cruise. It captured every moment I travelled in creative way. So, how can you start with? Simply pack some simple drawing tools which will help you in creating an inspiring trip.

First, start with a map illustration

When starting the journey, you can join the kitchen tour to learn how chef prepare the food for passengers. Capture the special moment at Cruise’s kitchen. It has a lot of fun!

Phuket is a very colorful and cheerful island. Food store, temple, little boat, elephant, beautiful blue sky, seaview and sunset, all are very lovely features to be recorded during the Art Journey. The excusion of bus tour arranged is good to capture all these highlights in few hours.

Singapore Gourmet Bus Lunch Tour is a must tour for Art Journal trip definitely! The bus gives us a one-of-a-kind dining experience while touring around the landmarks of Singapore. Each table is situated next to the bus windows giving us a unique moving canvas to accompany the meal.

Capture as many pictures as you can. Take good shots of drawing, eating, sightseeing altogether. The bus setting, lighting, food, beautiful city views, skyline of Singapore, all deliver good memories in the drawing shots!