Preserving the Art of Mahjong Craft – an interview with Madam Neoh at Penang’s Liang Yew Mahjong Centre

A Heartwarming Encounter with Madam Neoh at Penang’s Liang Yew Centre: In last Dec 2023, we set off on a special adventure to Penang, Malaysia, because we have the deep love for traditional arts and crafts. Our little mission is all about keeping these treasures alive and well, which is exactly why we found ourselves at […]

Hong Kong Story: Antique Mahjong Tile Polishing Machines 香港故事:麻雀牌打磨機的溫馨回憶

The making of mahjong tiles not only reflects the exquisite craftsmanship of artisans but also serves as a vessel for our intangible cultural heritage. The mahjong manufacturing  process listed in Hong Kong’s ‘intangible cultural heritage’ involves more than the well-known “hand carving,” including machine grinding and polishing. Once, my family’s uncle skillfully crafted these delicate tiles […]