Wanderlust in Chinese Communities: Kowloon City x Aruba, Mar-Apr 2019
  • Travel Mahjong City was exhibited in
    • Germany Frankfurt Ambiente, Feb 2019
    • Hong Kong PMQ Global Mahjong Exhibition, Feb 2019
    • Hong Kong HKTB Wine & Dine Festival, Oct 2018
    • China Shenzhen Gift Fair, Oct 2018
    • Japan Tokyo Gift Exhibition, Jul 2018

HKTDC’s Hong Kong Gifts and Premiums Fair, Apr 2018

Invited by Hong Kong Exports Association, the Hong Kong Smart Design Award product – Travel Mahjong City was showcased in Hong Kong Gifts and Premiums Fair in Apr 2018, which attracted a lot of attention from many corporates, oversea buyers, media and blogger.

The exhibition is a very successful one receiving great response from people who appreciate the value of new product preserving traditional Hong Kong hand-carved mahjong tile skill while presenting a new generation of talents as unique Hong Kong gift.


Invited by HKTDC, Karen Aruba Art is honoured to present the Hong Kong story at the Design Without Boundaries of DesignInspire 2017. Among the 10 international designers, Karen is the only Hong Kong representative to present “East meets West” story in the showcase area.

How to Make Mahjong – from craftsmanship to artistry

How much do you know the traditional Mahjong craftsmanship? What were the tools used in the manufacturing processes from 1960s to 2000s in Hong Kong?

Preservation of traditional local culture by integrating it into modern lifestyle products is the specialty of Karen Aruba Art. Mahjong is a quintessential part of the traditional Hong Kong way of life, especially to the designer Karen Cheung, whose grandfather and father were involved in running a Mahjong making factory named “Fuk Hing Lung Mahjong Factory (復興隆麻雀廠).

While the traditional form of this business and sculpture skills were hardly found in Hong Kong, Karen’s illustrations, feature on a wide range of home décor products thanks to advanced technology, help to bridge the gap between traditional culture and modern lifestyle, to pass skills and know-how from old to new generations, from East to West – that is, a new Design without Boundaries.


TheSunShine Cafe, Sai Kung, 2017


Tuen Mun Hospital Charity, 2018