Share the Caring – Thank You Frontliners

In these two months, Hong Kong is struggling to contain a severe outbreak of coronavirus infections. We feel deeply sad of the people who suffer and how this city ‘overwhelmed’ by Omicron wave……. We would like to share our heartfelt message expressing gratitude to all healthcare workers who have worked relentlessly during this pandemic. Thank […]

Art & Cultural Activities in December

呢兩個月我哋為大家準備左好多精彩藝術文化活動,衷心感謝各主辦單位對我哋概支持,有文創活動、非物質文化遺產活動手雕麻雀技藝示範、慈善工作坊,虎年麻雀工作坊,仲有新作品展覽,真係有意義又超豐富呀 !

Christmas 2021: HK’s Best Brands for Mindful Gifting (by live magazine) & workshop

Looking for a beautiful and unique Christmas gift, you can also choose two other creative designs 1) Merry Christmas + Cheers patterns or 2) A Joyful Xmass + Special Thanks patterns. The beautiful gift box has also preserved the valuable Mahjong Craftsmanship story in Hong Kong. Visit our online stores (international order) or […]

Mahjong Creativity at Central Market | LottaJoy

When traditional mahjong meets creativity – a unique project to revitalize Central Market and Hong Kong traditional culture. We are excited to bring artistic values to LottaJoy of Central Market furnished with icon tailor-made mahjong tiles. Incorporate the concept and Hong Kong cuisine uniqueness to the mahjong tiles, reviving the old tradition with a modern […]

Mahjong Tile Coloring Workshop Resumes!

[Creative Mahjong Tiles Colouring Workshop】 Stepping into Hong Kong Art Month, let’s have fun again with our popular mahjong coloring workshop! This special design of mahjong coloring workshop is an art journey to learn Hong Kong mahjong craftsmanship and story via illustrations. It will allow you to experience the traditional hand-carved tiles, newly illustrated and […]