The Tale of Fuk Hing Ling Mahjong Manufacturing Factory (1963-2009)

Another highlight of the exhibition is to review the 50-year old (1963-2009) Fuk Hing Ling Mahjong Manufacturing Factory, which was one of the largest local Mahjong tile manufacturers in Hong Kong, as a way to reconstruct the history of local Mahjong tile making techniques and the ecology of the industry under socio-economic changes of the territory.

The exhibition depicts a typical family business story in old Hong Kong in which Karen Aruba spent whole days during her childhood at the factory following her father Ricky’s hand-carved work and observing each member’s manual role in the 1980s. It was followed by second phase of industrial movement and economic change of Hong Kong in which the mahjong factory started to invent and mobilise with the partial support of machinery in the 1990s in Kowloon Bay. The bigger size of mahjong tiles made by Fuk Hing Lung Factory in 1990s for commercial use (e.g. hotels, clubs, mahjong parlours) were also in display at the exhibition.